Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Activity Update - Training

Hi there i'm back again..just to update my recent activity for this year...i have attended training organize by my Company...and it is the most knowledgeable, inspiring and worth it class i have ever attended....and not to forget that i have met my Blogger Follower during my training. That is NONIE...thank you for following my Blog...i'm honored...we have fun and motivated thru out the training...ok i would like to share one of my experience during the training...have you ever drink Potato Juice? NO or YES ? as for me NO...never i think. That’s the catch...logically potato are like a stone it's hard right...and a straw is soft ...can you image the soft straw poke in the potato and drink it as a Potato Juice...i don't think so...not logic...but the power of mind and focus you can do it...all you need to do is focus, set your target and smash the straw through the potato....and we all manage to do it....of course everybody passes thru as the tutor said i will not receive any failure in this class...after 3rd attempt i manage to poke thru my straw in the potato..and i jump into joy as i manage to do guys if you set your mind and focus in whatever you can achieve may seems ridiculous but bear in mind that you can if you focus and set your mind to it......signing off from a some of the snapshot of my training..

cheerful after the success of Potato Juice task

Our Tutor from right Mr Reza ..can you see the straw is Poke in the potato, that's mine Potato Juice