Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Prince Who Turns Into Frog-Taiwan Series

Hello everyone...i have left this page for such a long period of time....i finally start to blog again....nothing much to tell or story to tell..it's just lately i've been watching this Taiwan Series that was recommended by my sister...at first macam malas nyer nak tengok coz citer panjang leceh la ...but i just give it a try...so there goes the first CD ...as i watch the series i started to stay there without moving and not to miss any scene...oh no....citer ni best la pulak...alamak bermula la balik ke gilaan ku menonton citer bersiri ni..aku dah lama tak tengok citer korean...ye la sekali tengok mesti nak tengok aje sampai habis...klu 20 series....emmm jawabnye jadi burung hantu...

alamak nampaknye penyakit tu datang kembali setelah aku menonton citer series Taiwan ni...sampai kul 2.00 pagi aku dok melayan tengok CD ni dan series nye belum habis lagi aku tengok..tapi aku dah jadi tak betul lak...asyik dok tengok citer ni...dan yang kelakar nye aku seperti dah masuk ke dalam citer ni di mana aku berasa tersangat la sedih dan muram macam aku seperti watak yang di lakon kan... setelah tonton citer ni...alamak...camne ni ek....yang penting citer ni best dan hero nya aku suka tengok...so aku akan sambung kembali menonton apakah kesudahan citer ini....tapi kenapa la aku rasa macam sedih giler ni...shahdu la pulak...what happen to me...mungkin kena tahu kesudahan citer nya...di bawah ni ada sinopsis citer nya dan gambar2 yang terdapat dalam babak-2 series ini...

Synopsis: "The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog" (Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa) is a story of love and fairytales. Shan Jun Hao is the arrogant, charismatic manager of Senwell, a hotel of international standards. He is about to get married to his childhood sweetheart Fan Yun Xi, but he gets involved in a car accident and loses his memory. Ye Tian Yu is a small town girl who dreams of marrying a rich man. After the accident, Jun Hao wanders about and is nearly hit again by Tian Yu. Tian Yu, mistakenly believing that she caused his injuries, brings him home. When she realises that he does not remember anything, she gives him the name Dang Ou, and tells him that he is her cousin. Soon enough, she finds herself falling for this kind-hearted and intelligent stranger although he does not have a cent. Dang Ou also sees through Tian Yu's greed and discovers that there is an angel that lives in her heart.

Xu Zi Qian, Jun Hao's childhood friend, secretly harbours feelings for Yun Xi. As Yun Xi copes with the loss of Jun Hao (who they think is dead), he silently stays by her side, providing support. But one day, Zi Qian discovers that Jun Hao is actually staying in Tian Yu's house in Guan Mei Fishing Village. He is torn as to whether he should tell Yun Xi the truth. However, Yun Xi discovers the truth eventually and demands to meet Jun Hao. Tian Yu promises that she'll "return" Jun Hao to them, but when Dang Ou knew of this, he went after Tian Yu and both of them become involved in another accident. When Dang Ou wakes up, he is no longer Dang Ou - he regained his memory as Shan Jun Hao and forgot about his days with Tian Yu.....

Name: 明道 / Ming Dao
English name: Matthew
Real name: 林朝章 / Lin Chao Zhang
Also known as: Ming Dow
Profession: Actor, singer and model
Birthdate: 1980-Feb-26
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Pisces
Chinese zodiac: Monkey
Blood type: O
Talent agency: J-Star