Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Activity - Hiking

HI There...quite sometime since i last update my blog...lately i have found a new hobby, that is "hiking"...and it has been my weekend activity..going into the jungle really make me feel calm and relax...far away from the hustle and busy town you live in...back to nature is just what i need to relax and be calm...and it's a good exercise also, once you have conquer the peak the feeling are just overwhelming.. the sound of the jungle and the smell of the jungle are a good therapy to relax...but well it's all depends on you..some of you may not like being in the jungle especially with all those mosquito waiting to bite your juicy blood...but don't worry just wear some Repel can keep the mosquito away from biting you...but lately the weather are really bad with all those HAZE can't hardly see the view from the second time to the jungle the weather was raining....we waited for a while for the rain to stop but since the rain keep on pouring heavily, we just continue our journey ..  it's a long way to go to where we have park our car..when we have finally reach our car, i'm already soak and wet since i did not bring my rain coat...we are not the only one walking in the rain, every time we passed by someone they will surely greet us Good that's all for now.....

while Waiting For The Rain To Stop