Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lunch At Marche'

Hello everyone....i'm back and the return of me for good....i have been leaving this blogging tooo long i now it's time to blog again....ok last week i have my lunch at Marche'...this is the first time i have been there ..the food is nice and superb...its like going to the market, bought something fresh and cook it....that is Marche' all about..first they will provide you a voucher card..then you look around and order your food..the food will be cooked once you made an order...once it's ready just show ur voucher card and they will cop/sign it for you...that's how they track what you have eat and ordered...i really like the style of this restaurant....something different i guess...after i have my lunch..gone window shopping..and kebetulan ada Bird Park i just take some snapshot of the birds...i think i'll visit the birds park take snapshot of the birds...

The market style restaurant..

Pasta is also on the Menu....delicious..

Grilled chicken wing...

Caesar Salad...very nice so try this..

fresh salad to be choose..