Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tarbush Restaurant,Middle Eastern cuisines

lunch at Tarbush Restaurant..just as i was passing by this restaurant...why not, try to dine in and taste the's something let's just dine in and open up the first i wasn't sure what to order,so i asked the waiter what do they recommend..of cause the pictures looks very interesting and delicious but this is the first time we enter to this middle east restaurant so i guess better asked the waiter rather than ordering blindly...

so he recommended the mixed grill and the grilled spring chicken,and some dessert..but we try the main appetizer first...
when the food's not bad after all..the food taste good.but i think malaysian would not prefer this kind of's not the usual kind of food malaysian ate..i guess the Arab's love this kind of food...the garlic sauce are quite sour.....but it's still ok to me...

THIS is the Menu...exotic look and rather huge..

I love the menu! Why? They have PICTURES! I would rather see pictures of the food than reading it because I just cannot imagine reading the menu that says the ingredients. I need to see the PRESENTATION of the food.

looks nice in pictures ..not sure yet about the food taste

Before our meal arrives, you will be served with some starters ON THE HOUSE consisting of the Middle Eastern bread that goes with some of the vegetables and olive oil that you can see in the picture above.

the restaurant...

i like this table..a unique design..

Arabic Tea.serve in a little tiny glass.

Arabic Tea in this little tiny minie kettle

Arabic coffee

sky juice.."plain water or mineral water"

mixed GRILL.

mixed grill

Grilled Spring Chicken