Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lunch At Traders Hotel

todaY i have my lunch at the Traders Hotel,level 5th.The hotel is just near the KLCC building..actually the lunch is for the committee members who organize the IT Day Event.All the HOD and VP IT are also invited for the lunch..lunch buffet at the Traders Hotel tu ok jugak..the food there are nice and can choose either sushi,pasta,rice,chicken,soup.salad,dessert and many more...macam-macam ada..dan dessert yang paling best...cute and small ..i really like the strawberry tart...sedap ...sampai di situ dalam pukul 12.45pm...kami semua really enjoy the food there..memang sedap..dan seperti biasa aku mesti bawa camera..klu ke office tu aku akan bawa camera kecil jek..kalau ada event baru aku akan bawa camera besar lepas makan dan masing-masing dah kenyang...semua balik semula ke office...

the committee members enjoying the food here

all the bosses and VP IT

me and Hasbiah...

this is my lunch today..yummy sushi..

All kinds of sushi...

i think this is the yam birds nest..taste good..

salmon fish with sauce

variety dessert ready to be serve

this is also what i ate for lunch..shark fin soup with crabmeat