Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 1, Discover IT

hi there my friends...just to update my activity thru out this year...ok ..tahun lepas aku dan rakan-rakan sepejabat ku telah di lantik oleh Heads Of Dept untuk organize IT Event. Setiap satu Unit telah di pilih untuk menwakili dept i was one of them being selected to carry out this task lead by my boss as the project leader coordinator.This is the first time ever that My Division organize an event.

Memandangkan event ini adalah baru bagi kami semua, kami sebulat suara telah menlantik Event Management untuk handle all the necessary...that is the outsource Vendor.....the main objective of the event is to create awareness among the users and our internal staff of what is "IT" are all about..the system,the process,the services and everything about "IT" other words bringing "IT4U"..that is our slogan but unfortunately Branding does not approved the slogan so we are unable to use the slogan....

gerun jugak menanti hari akan tiba..since this event involved Dato' Sri..for the opening ceremony..setiap perkara perlu di ambil kira secara the days went on and on..almost every week or nearly every day we committee had a meeting..sama ada dengan vendor or our internal for internal dept yang involved is the HR,CORP COMM,BRANDING,MARKETING AND FACILITIES.

Every single detail kena ada Dato' Sri approval, the backdrop,bunting,poster and anything got to do with the display or Branding...we did not know the process we have to go thru..even the approval of the backdrop takes several design before it's being approved for display..well we have a quite tough time at that moment...just imagine the event is on Thursday but the backdrop design are still waiting for approval on Monday...but we manage to handle it and the event went on as plan.

after all the hustle we face, at last the Day has come...The 1st day of opening ceremony would take place...on the first day of the event a huge crowd gather and come to see the event. On top of the exhibition being held, we had also organize training for the 2 days. The most popular class was the Microsoft Office 2007 class which exit the limit of the class participant....

Pada hari opening ceremony nye..Branding request that at least 2 usherer to guide or mengiringi Dato' Sri untuk ke tempat duduk....just a normal protocol we need to Address Dato' me and my friend were asked to usher Dato' Sri...nervous jugak but everything went thru just fine...We even have rehersal with our EmCee before Dato' arrival...Opening Ceremony Start with the speech of our IT CTO and Follow By Dato' Sri...and as for the gambit..Dato' Sri officially launch the Ceremony once He touches the crystal Ball.....

Before The Opening Ceremony Gambit...the Backdrop is behind the Blue Curtain

Backdrop Discover IT @ Celcom...

The Bunting.."Discover IT @ Celcom.."

IT Staff visiting the Booth...fill up the survey form..and get a goodie gift

Busy fill up the survey form...a chance to win iPOD the lucky draw

Staff visiting the booth...

one of the Gold Sponsor For the event

Microsoft workshop on the 1st Day..Words,Excell & Power Point for Office 2007

Tthe crowd of the Microsoft Workshop

luck draw by Microsoft ...try your luck here

The arrival of Dato' Sri Shazally Ramli, CEO Celcom..from left is the Managing Director of Microsoft, PN Yasmin..macam mana pulak gambar aku ada termasuk dlm ni...

All the VP's and The level 1 Management

Our CTO, of Technology Group, Tuan HJ Noor Kamarul..

opening speech by Dato' Sri Shazally Ramli

Opening gambit by VP IT,SVP Billing, CEO Microsoft and Dato' Sri Shazally Ramli

photography session..

All the VP's,SVP, CEO and guest of honour

From left IT VP..

VP of IT ..our Big Boss

VP of IT..Our Big Boss

Me at the Event Backdrop..

All The Committee Member for the Event...tak cukup orang ni..ada lagi committee tapi dah hilang la masa nak ambil gbr ni